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Umpire / Referee Info

Baseball / Softball Umpires:
• You are responsible for your own home plate umpire for home games and a field umpire for away games.
• See below for contact information for local and area umpires.
• ASA certified umpires must be used for softball games and only one umpire is required.  
• Paying an Umpire:
Coaches please carry umpire pay forms with you or get a form from the equipment shed between fields 3 & 4.  
An Umpire Pay from must be completed for each game.  
On the form provide the Umpires name and address and circle if the umpire is certified (OHSAA or ASA).  Then for each game, circle league the game (Minor/Jr. Pony, Pony or FastPitch), document the date, home team and get the coach’s signature.  
Once the umpire wants to get paid turn in the form to Rec Council Treasurer or mail it to:  Rec Council Treasurer, PO Box 304, Arlington, Ohio 45814-0304.         A check will be mail to the umpire.

Umpire Pay Rates
Baseball: Regular Season Home Plate Umpire Regular Season Base Umpire Tournament Home Plate Umpire
Coach Pitch N/A N/A N/A
Machine Pitch N/A N/A N/A
Minor League trained, >16yrs / $50.00 or OHSAA Certified / $60.00 visiting team provides volunteer OHSAA Certified / $60.00
Jr. Pony trained, >16yrs / $50.00 or OHSAA Certified / $60.00 visiting team provides volunteer OHSAA Certified / $60.00
Pony OHSAA Certified / $60.00 Home team provides OHSAA Certified / $60.00
Rookie - Slow pitch N/A
Bantam - Slow pitch ASA Certified / $23.50
All Fast pitch ages ASA Certified / $50.00 for one man crew or $30.00 each for two man crew

Local Umpires & Referees

Local Umpires:

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