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Arlington Field Dimensions and Use

Field Upkeep and Communication: 
• As coaches, tax payers, and community partners, we need to respect the fields and do our part to keep them in good condition.  This means, staying off of the fields when they are too wet and doing the minor upkeep after practices and games.

• Field dry/Kitty litter, etc. is strictly prohibited without prior permission from a Village of Arlington employee.

• After games and practices, rake around bases and pitchers mound to fill in any holes.  Brushing the entire field is not necessary.

• Clean trash out of both dugouts after games and practices.  Leave the field and dugouts better than you found them!

• No hitting balls into the fence.

• We feel certain that keeping the field in the best condition possible is as important to you as it is to the Village of Arlington, and are confident that making a decision on if the fields are in a playable condition can be made by each one of you.  Village employees will let coaches know when fields are not playable for the day, by sending our text messages.  Village employees will review the daily field schedule to ensure fields are lined accordingly.  If there are last minute changes please contact Dean Glick as soon as you can.

The Village of Arlington streets and parks commissioner has asked all coaches to place field flags in the location of any low spots or concerning areas of the fields and communicate with them your concerns, so that repairs can be made.  Flags are located in the baseball / softball shed between field 3 & 4 and the red barn.

The Village of Arlington streets and parks commissioner is Dean Glick.  He has asked that you please contact him anytime, with any concerns.  He truly takes a ton of pride in our parks, as we all should.  If he doesn't know about items, then he can't get them fixed.  You can reach Dean on his cell phone at : 419-348-3198 or his email at [email protected].   We also ask that you do your part in helping our park be one of the best in the area!

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